GL1 InnoMold India having major share holding of German company.

GL1 has started manufacturing highly technical moulds in India since 2010 for its various customer in Domestic and as well Export markets.


  1. Tools (Molds) upto about 20t
  2. Standard Molds
  3. Level Molds / Stack Molds
  4. Gas Injection Molds
  5. Tandem Molds
  6. CO2 cooled Molds
  7. Inmould Labeling

Technical Surfaces

  1. Finish

2 K Tools

  1. Rotation technology
  2. Core push technology
  3. Transfer technology

Special Molds for

  1. Chromed parts
  2. Fiber-reinforced plastics
  3. Wood additives
  4. Special-fillers