GL1 InnoMold India Private Ltd established in January 2008, with its First Office in Pune.

GL1 InnoMold represents G-12 FreiForm GmbH in India. GL1 InnoMold as well involved in Design and Development of Injection Molds for Automobile, White Goods and other Engineering Products.

As it is a German company, we ensure our customer to get the quality in all our services.


  1. Tools (Molds) upto about 20t
  2. Standard Molds
  3. Level Molds / Stack Molds
  4. Gas Injection Molds
  5. Tandem Molds
  6. CO2 cooled Molds
  7. Inmould Labeling

Technical Surfaces

  1. Finish

2 K Tools

  1. Rotation technology
  2. Core push technology
  3. Transfer technology

Special Molds for

  1. Chromed parts
  2. Fiber-reinforced plastics
  3. Wood additives
  4. Special-fillers